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Tanisha Kaur Kapoor

Production Team

My name is Tanisha Kaur Kapoor. I am a rising junior and a part of the production and talent teams for Baywatana. I have a growing passion for filming and storytelling. For Baywatana I was involved with setting up lights and cameras, sound, and interviewing. I love making a relationship with others and helping to tell their stories to the world. I also love the teamwork aspect in filmmaking and love our team. My interest in filming began when I participated in a filmNeev film camp and created Super Singh and Super Kaur with my team. After that I wanted to learn more and the opportunity to learn came up with Ever since then I’ve never looked back. Baywatana was one of the best experiences of my life. Not only did I learn more about film making, I learned about time management, public speaking and so much more. I listened and learned about the stories of Afghani refugees. I also made many connections with new people who I wouldn’t have met if it were not for this project.  I hope this documentary reaches many people and shows them the story of these Afghani refugees, their struggles, their resilience, and their dreams. Baywatna has taught me to go after what I dream of since I have the resources. Though I am extremely passionate for filmmaking, In the future, I plan on going into the medical field and becoming a doctor. Though is one of my major interests, I also enjoy spending time with my family, music, Bhangra, Punjabi movies and football (preferably the Patriots), though I also have a growing interest in basketball. Baywatna and have taught me so much and I owe it all to Harbaldeep Singh. I can’t wait till the next project and to learn more from these experiences.

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