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Suner Kaur Chopra

Content Team

My name is Suner Kaur Chopra. I am a member of the contact team which means my role was to conduct the interviews featured in the documentary alongside doing research. I am currently a junior in high school. I am very passionate about storytelling and research. Being able to interview and meet the individuals whose stories create this documentary has really helped me to get involved and enjoy the process. This was exactly how this project caught my attention and motivated me to participate. I chose to be a part of this documentary and dedicate my time and effort because I knew that this documentary would be giving a voice to those who have been silenced and suppressed for so long. Speech, expression, religion, and a voice are not tools that people should be sacrificing their lives for. I wanted to help make sure that the Sikhs and Hindus with stories to tell were able to do so freely and so I got involved. My journey with filmmaking was not very extensive before working on the Baywatana project; I had worked with Nishkam TV for YouTube video voice overs—I had not done anything major. My experience working on this documentary has been a life-changing one. It was definitely challenging to connect with so many different people and somehow bring out emotion and impact when asking questions, especially knowing the difficult time that these individuals faced. I want viewers of this documentary to feel the emotional depth and the sadness of the heartbreaking stories that Baywatana brings to light. In the future I see myself continuing with content, research, and the interviews not only for filmmaking but within my day-to-day life and curiosity to be able to contribute in telling the stories of others. My hobbies include public speaking, writing, and I am very interested in politics and social issues, especially those of women.

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