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Sahej Singh

Production Team

My name is Sahej Singh, and I am a 14-year-old freshman in high school. On the Baywatana team, I am one of the cinematographers on the production team.


I am passionate about the technical filmmaking aspect of storytelling. As part of the production team, I used professional, Netflix-grade equipment, such as the Sony FX3, and many other pieces of equipment to capture these stories. I like this part of storytelling as it allows you to capture and share important stories with the world.

I wanted to participate in this project as this is a huge issue that has not yet been brought to mainstream media, and I wanted to help by using the power of filmmaking to capture and share these stories. 


My filmmaking journey started seven years ago when I first joined Nishkam TV. We started by making short films and documentaries but we have never had the chance to use such professional-grade equipment in the past. As time went on, we started to purchase more advanced, high-quality equipment and after making a few documentaries and short films we moved to our third biggest documentary, Baywatana.


Being part of the Baywatana team has been an amazing experience as we traveled the world to capture the stories of these families and organizations. Throughout this journey, we faced many challenges such as traveling with many heavy bags full of equipment across the world and setting up all our equipment in a short amount of time. Through this journey, I have learned valuable skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, and thinking on our feet.


I hope that this documentary will share the stories of these families who were displaced just because of their religious beliefs. I hope that viewers of this documentary will feel connected to the stories of these refugees and understand this important issue a little better.


Through the process of filmmaking, I have learned many crucial life skills that would help in future projects, as well as in any other technical field. In the future, I plan to pursue a profession in the field of technology.  I have an interest in filmmaking, as well as computer programming, web design, and coding.

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