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Jasratan Chopra

Production Team

Hello, my name is Jasratan Singh Chopra. I’m 14 years old and was part of the content and production team in Nishkam TV’s most recent documentary, Baywatana. 


I was involved in doing research and recorded most of the sound for Baywatana, including the sound for the interviews, B-roll, etc. Naturally, I was drawn to sound production because I’ve always enjoyed hearing stories, listening to the challenges others face, and getting their perspectives. Hearing the tragic stories of the Afghan minorities and their persecution broke my heart. I really enjoyed being the “sound guy,” even though it was sometimes a bit of a workout.


Learning about the religious persecution the Afghan religious minorities faced has not been brought to mainstream media, and realizing that many people have no idea what the minorities in Afghanistan went through shattered my heart. Baywatana does justice to the many Afghan Sikhs and Hindus whose voices need to be heard.


Before Baywatana, I had absolutely no idea about the filmmaking process and the challenges faced by filmmakers. When I heard Nishkam TV was doing another project, I thought I’d branch out and learn something new. Under mentorship, I began to understand and grasp filmmaking with time.


Working on Baywatana took a lot of time and patience; having to learn something new was an immediate challenge, and it took a while to get used to the professional sound gear. I learned how to use the sound mixer and how to record sound effectively. Baywatana helped shape me into the person I am today, and the comradery built between all of the team will last a lifetime.


I hope this documentary will shed light on the untold stories of the Afghan Sikhs and Hindus. Their story is truly heartbreaking and really deserves to be told worldwide. Our project, Baywatana, should leave viewers wanting to know more or even wanting to make a difference. The goal was to tell their story and raise awareness of their struggles.


Contributing to the creation of Baywatana was a fantastic experience and has left me continuing to pursue filmmaking as an option. Baywatana has taught me that filmmaking is not just used to make entertainment but to spread awareness and messages as well.


I enjoy making music and cooking in my free time.

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