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Jaskeerat Singh

Production Team

Hey there, my name is Jaskeerat Singh, I am a 15 year old high school student who has a passion for storytelling and filmmaking. In Baywatana, I was behind the camera capturing the emotions of others. 


I used many high end Netflix approved cameras to highlight the stories and emotions that people we met faced. I enjoy listening to their stories because hearing them makes me want to give them light and let them shine. 


Participating in Baywatana wasn't about crafting a documentary, it was about telling a story that needed to be heard. The motivation to contribute to this documentary was to shed light on an untold narrative and bring it to a broader audience. Our goal was to share the stories of Sikhs and Hindus who had to flee Afghanistan due to religious persecution. We want to bring their struggle to light and show the world the meaning of resilience and courage. This project means a lot to not just us, but to the many Afghan refugees whose voices need to be heard.


Before being a part of the Baywatana team, I had prior experience in filmmaking making short films and making 2 documentaries before Baywatana. I used my knowledge and experiences of my previous endeavors to help me learn more and use it in Baywatana. 


From prior projects, I’ve gained expertise in sound so during the beginning of Baywatana production, I managed the sound aspect as well as trained a new team member to operate the sound equipment. Once the new team member was on board with the sound equipment, I got more involved behind the cameras. I worked with high end cameras like the Sony FX3 and BlackMagic 6K camera, I also worked with different utilities like gimbals and drones. We faced many challenges such as time, travel and equipment. We had to manage our time properly because we were given a specific due date for when the documentary had to be screened which was August 15. Using the time in between, we bought new equipment such as high end sound and cameras and we were given the tasks of going to places like India, Vancouver, and UK for interviews


I hope this documentary impacts and touches the lives of many people to help them learn about this untold narrative. The struggles we portray in Baywatana, that many of these people faced, are ones we can't even imagine. 


In the future, I want to continue my passion of filmmaking and growing my technical skills as well as social and team collaboration skills. Baywatana has shaped my perspective on storytelling by enforcing that every narrative is valuable and deserves to be heard. I aspire to create films that evoke emotions and spark positive change in the world. 


Beyond the camera, I'm a tennis player, a car enthusiast, and an avid foody.

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